Linux Server Management

I focus on deploying Linux servers and ensuring their smooth operations, no matter if these systems are classic dedicated servers, virtual servers or cloud instances.

Linux Server Management

I cover a wide range of server admin tasks, including:

System updates, package installations
Kernel updates, customized kernel builds
Service and application installation and configuration
Scripting – automate recurring tasks with shell scripts and cron jobs
Backup scheme design and its implementation
Monitoring setup, ongoing system monitoring
Compilation and installation of applications from source
Virtualization setup and maintenance

I can work with the command line (shell) and with control panels like cPanel. I’m most familiar with Red Hat (RHEL, Fedora, CentOS) and Debian (Debian, Ubuntu) Linux flavors.

Linux Server Hardening

Protecting a Linux server and keeping it secure has become crucially important, as attacks are on the rise. I’ve got extensive experience with all of the aspects of keeping a Linux system covered, including:

Monitoring, IDS and IPS setup
System audits and forensics
Kernel, service and application hardening
Firewall installation and configuration
PCI compliance, PCI DSS requirements
Attack mitigation
Penetration Testing
Backup management

Linux Server Tuning

Optimizing the operating system and key services and applications for maximum performance ensures getting the most out of a server.

I can analyze the specific bottlenecks that slow down a server and tune it accordingly.