WordPress Services

WordPress projects have been a big part of my life for many years. That’s why WordPress deserves its own page.

WordPress Site Management

Installation, configuration and updates
Troubleshooting, maintenance of legacy code
Site relocations and migrations (domain and host transfers)
JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP code customizations
Backup Management
Uptime, performance and integrity monitoring
Staging Environments, Deployment Processes

Plugin Development

WordPress wouldn’t be that popular without the incredible selection of plugins that are available to extend its core functionality. If whatever you need for your site is not available yet, I can help:

Modification of existing plugins (additional features and bug fixes)
Custom plugin development from scratch (“bespoke” plugins)


Restoring lost or degraded functionality
Malware removal, clean-up of hacked and infected sites
Fix compatibility issues with new WordPress Core or PHP versions
Performance Tuning –  speed up a WordPress site
Security Audit and Hardening – secure a WordPress site
Fix web server, htaccess, mod_security and MySQL DB issues

Integration with Services and APIs

Ads – Google AdWords and other networks
Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Email Marketing
Payment and eCommerce